Why Do We Need A Watch?

What's the meaning of wearing a watch?

Nowadays, although smart phones have many functions,It has occupied most of our lives, it seems that we don’t need a watch. However, There are still many people who wear watches.

Except for the most basic time-watching needs, the watch has a different meaning for people who wear it, for respect, efficiency, social, aesthetic, hobbies or other levels of demand.


Wearing a watch is also a symbol of maturity. show your rigor and confidence, and will make others trust you more. Just look at the wrists of the leader of a big company, Most of them wear a watch. People who don't wear a watch need to take out their mobile phone to see the time. But on formal occasions, It is disrespectful. Seeing the time with a watch is not only Elegant action, and it will give others the impression of punctuality and integrity.


Although mobile phones can also see the time, Smart mobile phones have too many functions, such as communication, social chatting, entertainment, etc. Often we just want to see the time, but be disturbed and distracted and do other things on our phone
If you wear a watch, whether indoors or outdoors, running or cycling, you can know the time immediately by raising your wrist anytime and anywhere. It is also more convenient. You don’t need to pick up the phone and light up the screen, then turn off and put it back. So many steps .
Buy a watch you like. Try to wear it for a period of time. When you find that your work and life begin to be positively affected by it, You will realize your watch's role.


The meaning of the watch for some people is social currency, identity, Sometimes, a decent watch can become a social business card. Make everything come easy.

And if we observe carefully,  somebody is neither interested in watches nor shows off. They are just willing to meet the workplace trends



A good watch is the highlight for our dress, can show the taste and charm, watches also can show the owner's aesthetic, social status or income level.


The pursuit of "beauty" should exist in all aspects of our life. Eating a delicious dinner is a sense of beauty, A good trip is a sense of beauty. Wearing well-fitted and beautiful clothes is a sense of beauty. Appreciating a painting is a sense of beauty. It is also a sense of beauty to look at beautiful girls... Most satisfaction in life should be derived aesthetic, and somebody bought the watch based on this aesthetic need. Although the watch is small, there are too many things worthy of fun . It will really make you can't put it down and treat it as craft, for example some men seem to be innately unable to resist the charm of machinery watches. exquisite mechanical craftsmanship and the beauty of manual machinery.


And what is your idea please? Comments are welcome!

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