What is the charm of mechanical watches? More and more people like it.

Although mechanical watches have a long history and culture, some friends will ask various questions : " More and more people like mechanical watches, what is the charm of mechanical watches? " or " Mechanical watches are inefficient. Including the Tourbillon are not as accurate as a quartz watch. They can not understand people who spend so much money on mechanical watches".

 I think that except for people who are born with an interested and favorite for mechanical craftsmanship, perhaps most people's cognition of mechanical watches will be a process from unfamiliar, incomprehensible to gradual understanding. Such a process is just in line with our human cognitive laws. 

First, It is a visible mechanical movement. 

The mechanical watches we are talking about today of course is high-end mechanical watches, excluding those mechanical watches assembled with batches of unpolished or no modified rough movements, because they are neither beauty nor information worth talking about.

Perhaps many people don’t know that the era of high-end mechanical watches became popular was in the 80’s of the last century. Some friends might doubt, did mechanical watches were impacted by quartz watches in that era? Some mechanical watchmaking brands have almost disappeared. Of course, this idea is correct.

It is precisely for this reason that the mechanical watch industry has experienced the process of "Phoenix Nirvana", Quartz watch with the features of cheap, more accurate, and convenient are directly impacted mechanical watch and occupy the main market of watch. Low grade mechanical watch is not strange to be eliminated without beautiful and efficient. At this time, major watch brands got the opportunities behind the crisis, so in 1983 the world’s first skeleton mechanical watch was come out, The high-end mechanical watches people can enjoy it without opening the cover. Go to the movement that has undergone exquisite artistic treatment, and feel the beauty of movement and even the rhythm of time.


Second, Sometime efficiency is not so important.

Efficiency can be an important standard to many industries. It can also be used to evaluate the rise and fall of many technologies or products. Inexpensive mechanical watches impacted by quartz watches mainly reason is efficiency issues, but for a high grade mechanical watches cannot be completely from the perspective of efficiency, we pay more attention to the watchmaking culture.

For example, because cars are more efficient and replaced donkey, horse or carriages, but they still can’t completely replace the culture of riding horses, so horse-racing is also hot today and some grand occasions where there will be use carriages (when the Queen of England greets guests) etc.It also existing in a very high-end or glorious occasion now, this is a kind of culture. So high-end mechanical watches existence is also a watch cultural inheritance.



Third, mechanical watch is a handmade artworks.

This is the difference between utility products and artworks. Quartz watches and smart watches are practical products. He is produced on a mechanized mass production line, just like buying paintings online.

Although there are not all high-end mechanical watches as noble as the original Mona Lisa paintings, high-level mechanical watches at least represent the hard work and wisdom of master watchmakers, masters of mosaics, masters of enamel, masters of engraving, etc. Because of their great effort that make high-end mechanical watches artwork be different from quartz watches. In other words, although they are all watch, artworks and practical items are actually separated clearly or even very different.

High-end mechanical watches are artworks, and their existence is a cultural heritage, it cannot be erased because of any technological changes or business competition.

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